Packaging for 8" pizza

I recently went to restaurant depot to pick up paper products & not sure if I made a mistake or if thats what it is, I bought a 9x9 foam container, BUT the ones that I used before, I was able to put my 8" per pizza in the lid, it fit perfectly, well this new container the lid is beveled and smaller than old style I used. I need a new idea on how to package my 8" pizza, any ideas??

Not sure if I should just use paper plates or what, but if I did how would I cover. That just sounds like it would be cheesy & cheap looking

I know they have 8" pizza boxes at Rest Depot. You could go that route. Maybe you got the wrong item…do you have the receipt from last time? Cross-check the item numbers?

This was the first time I purchased the 9x9 foam conatiner from them, I usually have been getting them thru sofo, but rest depot had a hugh sale, I could not resist

I looked online at the depot, the only 8x8 box they sell is a cke box, how sturdy do you think that would be, they do not have an 8x8 pizza box

We simply use a standard 8" circle with an 8" box that I can buy from two of my suppliers.

daisy they have 2 brands, the one that is on sale most of the time in the white box with blue and yellow print is beveled more, they have the regular ones as well

HARD lesson to learn is that every manufacturer configures their containers differently . . . or often they do. The nominal measures have gacked me before, too. 8" standard corrugated pizza boxes over by the rest of the pizza boxes (@ our Rest Depot) is what we used. Even used for smaller orders of wings and stuff like that to justify the new container. Worked out pretty well overall.

Stupid question does the depot ship ?? haha more than likely NOT, I just hate to have to drive 1.5 hrs back down there to get boxes, when I was just there a week ago. $&^%^(**). Oh well will have to figure something out till I can justify driving back down there. I stopped into Gordens & they would have to order them for me and cost is triple .39 each UGH…

The full line distributors should carry an 8" box . . . Sysco/USFoods type distributors I would think. Roma/Vistar I would be confident would have them.

We pick up our 8" from a regional vendor. Both my Sysco, and my other larger regional player didn’t offer them. We recently began with US Foods but truthfully that was just today so I haven’t checked them out. I was surprised Sysco was a no-go and if anyone has been using them please post the SKU so I can compare. I know on their other paper goods they’ve been traditionally higher than my other two vendors. I believe that’s because I’m getting a pretty nice price on other items such as chops and steaks so I’ll take that trade off.