Packaging For Carry-Out Slices

I’m big on conservation for both environmental and financial responsibility. Right now we are using 8" boxes for our carry-out slices and it bugs me that I use so much packaging and that $.26 in potential profit goes out the door with each order.

What are you all using? Anyone seen any other interesting solutions?

Why not get slice boxes?

Hadn’t seen those before, guess I wasn’t using the right search words for google. Looks like I can get those for about $.13/ea and much less wasted paper, so that’s an improvement.

Thats what we used when we sold slices, and you’re right on the money at $0.13 a piece.

12x12" piece of waxed paper, sheet of aluminum foil, and a #8 paper bag.

1 slice = 9"paper plate in #8 bag
2 slices = same as above except another plateon top in a 12x15 bag
3 slices or more = boxes

did toe.

when cusotmers want their slices for take-out we give it to them in a stryo container like you would get a salad in.

All the Ny style places I have eaten at. You get it on a paper plate in a paper bag. If you get to about 3 slices or so you get it in a box.

Its what i plan to do when I open in a few years.

I like the bag idea quite a bit, I’m wondering if I can get them printed with my logo for cheap…

Just closed a deal today to put slices into a small deli opening in our small mall right next to our movie theater. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys.

how about a stamp we had one made for our little 7inch ind pizza and stamp our logo on each one, cost about 45 dollars

I personally like the stamp idea. I’ve seen this at several restaurants and it gives it a very personalized touch.
Just make sure it matches the rest of your logos/colors, etc.

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine

How big of a stamp did you get Rockstar?

Will a rubber stamp give you an image you want to portray?..

We use a S2 stryo meat tray we can put 3 pieces on it and then we put it in a wax sandwich bag