Packing and shipping Baker's Pride y600 Ovens

Anyone here have experience with removing, packing and shipping Baker’s Pride y600 ovens? Are there companies you can contract for all this? Any info you have would be helpful… I’m selling mine double stack y600s and have zero experience in this area…

Use a powered pallet jack to move. Run 6x6 beams along the teeth of the lift and to reach the base of the bottom oven. Be sure to touch the “good metal” on the bottom as you don’t want to rupture the sheet metal. Manuever carefully and be sure to take any door hinges off before you reach that ah ha moment.

We used a drop gate trailer that got almost level with the ground to transport. Tie down with a million straps. Drive carefully.

Moved two double stacks halfway across Texas and Oklahoma. I have a love/hate relationship with the ovens but couldn’t imagine switching.

Best of luck.

Hi, did you sell the baker pride ovens? I’m looking for 2.

Yes, ovens are still available

would you be able to send me pictures? 203-910-3998 Simone

As the OP, my ovens are committed when they are deinstalled