Paging George Mills


My emails are getting bounce back. Can you fax the floorplan to me at this number today? Thanks.

800-943-9288 Attn Jon

Your plan is on the way. Look it over. It is a preliminary. Indicate any changes you may want and we can change the plan.

When you settle on a plan I will send you plumbing and electrical rough in plans for the equipment and do a ventilation blue print for you.

In some areas our plans can be used by plumbers and electricians to draw permits.

If an architect’s stamp is required, you can take our plans to one and save 1/2 to 2/3 the price of having plans drawn. Some architects have never done a pizza shop and they contact someone like us to do the equipment and ventilation plans. They then incorporate them into their drawings for the other components of the structure.

George Mills

goerge does floor plans?

Thanks George. I re-read my post, sorry, didn’t mean to sound pushing, I really appreciate the help and advice.

Yes, we have done hundreds of them.
George mills