Palazzolo Cheese Shredder

Does anyone on the board here currently use a Palazzolo cheese shredder? I have had terrible luck lately buying used VCM’s to dice my cheese and am considering going this route. I’m wondering how much longer it’ll take to shred 200-300 Lbs of cheese than a VCM. Any other suggestions welcome as well.

i use this machine. we do about 360 # in about 35 minutes. that’s one guy, opening the cases unwrapping the block, then shredding. i like the machine, but product can vary depending upon the amount of pressure applied to the pusher, meaning the thickness of the shred could be different.
one other thing, i don’t think this machine is mass produced. the parts don’t quite assemble that tight. depending on how the first pc goes on, the rest of the pieces might not line up. i have bought 2 of these machines, for 2 locations. i would buy it again.

I have had one of these for about 10 years now. It has been great, and it has saved a ton of time compared to using the shredder on the front of a Hobart Mixer. I would recommend one of these to anyone. It has been flawless since the day we bought it.

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I saw this machine in action and thought it was GREAT. I was afraid of the cheese clumping so I use a vcm. Can anyone comment on the clumping as opposed to a vcm?



By clumping do you mean the cheese sticks back together in the bin? When the cheese is freshly ground it comes out great, no problems. If we refridgerate the bins of cheese after grinding, they are kind of stuck together obviously in the bottom of the pan because of the weight of the cheese in the bin. This machine works great for us, how long does it take to grind cheese in a vcm compared to the video clip from the palazzolo machine?


A 40 or 45qt VCM/HCM can grind 4+ six pound blocks of cheese in about 40 seconds. The 25qt VCM I’m currently using will cut up to 3 six pound blocks in the same amount of time. I cut the six pound blocks into three pieces each so it takes a little more preperation than the Palazzolo machine.

I used a Palazzolo machine in a place I worked at about 15 years ago. We shredded the cheese as seen on the video but then we ran it through the machine a second time to create an end product closer to a diced cheese than a shredded cheese. It’s just been so long since I’ve used one, I don’t remember how long the process took. I’m willing to spend double the time I spend with a VCM because it definatly created a better product, but not really willing to spend more time than that.

What is the approx. cost of one of these machines?

Tony , Its as fast as Paul said really fast. Paul, Why do you think you will have a better final product?

When I used this machine years ago, we put the shredded cheese through a second time. This produced a VERY fine shred that covers a pizza extremely consistently. We really didn’t have a whole lot of clumping issues. I do tend to have clumping issues with the cheese out of my VCM, especially if I try to grind it smaller. Also if I get a batch of moist cheese, it tends to “snowball” in my VCM. That was never an issue with the Palazzollo shredder.

They quoted me $3250 for a 2hp single phase machine.

Does anyone use a dicer. I use diced cheese no shred.