Pan pizza help please

Anyone doing pan pizzas? If so what is your process? Right now we are spraying our pan with pam placing the dough in the pan and letting it sit over night for about 14 hours

Here are our issues

Bubbles form as the dough rises. When cooked these turn into holes in the dough.

On some the dough won’t rise.

We bake the following morning at 350 for 9 minutes in edge ovens

In the cooler or out at room temperature?

Room temperature but sitting on top of the oven from 7 until the following morning

That much rise time I would think is causing the dough to completely “blow.” The yeast is consuming all the available sugar, creating large bubbles, and at some point the dough collapses. This usually happens to dough balls in the cooler that didn’t chill fast enough to slow the yeast.

Give this idea a try: Shape your dough into the pans and allow to just double in size. “Punch down” the dough at this point: that mean use your fists to press the excess air out of the dough. Give the dough a 2nd rise which won’t take as long as the first now. Doing this makes the dough less dense, more airy and allows it to rise higher making it springier. At that point, cover and put in the cooler until you’re ready to bake. Hopefully that will give your the finished product you’re looking for consistently.

The next day, assemble the pizza on the raw, cold dough and bake. If you find the dough doesn’t cook to your liking, perhaps allow it to warm up for 30ish minutes before using. Doing it “Detroit style” where you par bake the dough with some cheese on and then build the pizza to order and 2nd bake might be an option too.

Hi I wouldn’t sit it by the Oven in tall covered bread rack w wheels is fine

thats one helluva proof in pan time…what do you do when you run out? We use pans and have evolved as we have gotten busier. We used to have them proof for about an hour and have transitioned to a cold proof and allowed to room temp before use. We have now transitioned to real time for logistical purposes. You did not mention docking at all…maybe that will help with bubbles?

I take my pan dough to the cooler as soon as I am done paning it out. The dough is still warm and rises in the cooler. It rises about 1 to 1.5 inches.
We lift the dough when we see a bubble we raise the dough to let it out. I have very little touble with bubbles.