Pan pizza or screen pizza. Which one and why?

What do you guys prefer? What is more popular at your store?
Everyone in my city offers pan pizza, I’m wondering if doing screen pizzas would be a good idea. Big decision though. And the fact that I’ve never cooked screen pizzas before apart from 2 or 3 times

Just depends on what you want to do/what your customers will pay for. If everyone does pan, you could set yourself aside by doing screen pizza. But you may need to tweak your dough recipe to switch over to screen.

I have spent the majority of my pizza time with screens only. I have occasionally worked with pans and honestly i prefer screens. A lot less work and effort, and easier to maintain quality imo.

Not everyone/everywhere is the same. You could do a test with screens, just do like 1 batch at a time and just start with one or two sizes and see how it goes. You could also take the time to tweak your recipe until you find the perfect spot.

I use the hex disks from Lloyd Pans. They are thicker and sturdier than screens but cook similar to them. Why do I use them? They take up significantly less space than pans, pizzas are easier and faster to take off of the disk than out of a pan and lastly because it’s what I know and am used to.

I prefer no pan or screen. Only way to do ny pizza in my opinion. :slight_smile: