Pan Pizza

I know this question is going to make me look not so bright. When I make pizza on a pan ( same amount of dough we use on a screen, 19 oz, screen and pan both 14 inch diameter), I’ll set the dough on the pan and let it proof. However, when I lift the dough off of the pan and “oil” the pan with olive oil and I place the dough back onto to the pan, it shrinks and never goes back out to the edges even after cooking. If I “oil” the pan first, it never seems to proof out to the edges either. Thanks.

The only bad question is the one not asked.
If you are using a flat disk, you might try using shortening to grease the disk, then open the dough ball to full disk diameter, and set it aside to proof/rise in a draft free area for 30 to 70-minutes, depending upon how fast your dogh is rising, and how thick you want it to be. Your other option is to use a deep-dish pan. I like to use a dark colored, non-stick, deep dish pan, like those from Pizza Tools <> /<www,>. Then you can use oil in the pan. just oil the pan well, then open the dough piece up to a diameter slightly larger than your pan diameter, place the dough into the pan, and if you have stacking pand, you can stack them, or use a pan seperator between the pans to allow for stacking, and allow to proof/rise until you get the finished crust thickness you are looking for.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor