Pan Style Bubbles UNDER the crust

Having some issues with bubble formation under the dough crust (not in the dough). This results in sub optimal contact with the pan resulting in the bottom not browning and sometimes ballooning where there is no contact with the pan except around the perimeter.

  • 40lbs flour, 8 oz saf-instant yeast, 10 oz salt, 10 oz oil.

  • Mixed in the hobart for 10 min.

  • Dough temp 80-86 depending on when we planning on using it. (most being used day of 6-12 hours later)

  • Rounded, sheeted, medium deep dish panned, sauced, covered with dividers and stored in walk-in.

  • Topped, cheesed and cooked in blodgett oven around 575 deg for 12-18 min depending on size and toppings.

Bubbles are visible when topped and poked but typically still form separation from pan when cooking. Resulting crust limp and uncooked / steamed almost.

Looking to avoid docking if possible.

sounds like an air pocket between the pan and the dough?

Correct. Possibly due to too high on the dough temp relative to when we are using the product? It might be more noticable when we run a warmer batch due to needing the product sooner and not cold fermenting long enough…

Try forming the crust in the pan instead of sheeting it and dropping it in, there should be a lot less possibility of the formation this way

the docking should help…use the one with the metal pins

Use the dough the next day, give it 24 hrs to rise