Panago Menu

I have uploaded a recent Panago menu…It is 21"w x 5 1/2"h tri-folded folded to 5 1/2" x 7"…

It’s really hard to read, but I can just make out that one of their toppings is meatballs. It’s listed right after pineapple towards the end of the list. Meatballs sound great, they should really try and push those!

I am guessing that you are joking. I think it looks great. You can order right from the mailer. Thats the way mine is also.

I think it looks very clear and convenient for the customer. Nicely done and good photos.

A simple layout used effectively but I’m not convinced about having 3 out of the 3 pizza images all with meatballs!! What about the vegi’s or people who don’t like meatball?

Yeah, you gotta have some balls to do that… :lol: :lol:

They do a new menu about 15 times a year and it is usually backed up with a good number of TV commercials…

what every 3 weeks?

Yes 3 or 4 weeks apart…They never get out of your face…

blimey - that must cost em a fortune just in terms of print set up, delivery etc

I thought I did a lot with 6 menu’s a year!

My best guess is the menu and inserting it in a newspaper is about 11 cents x 8,000 homes (local store) or just under 900.00 each time…Now they are part of a 170 store chain so their costs are way lower than an independent…I understand the local store does 900,000 a year so menu and distribution are about 1.5% of annual sales…Seems like a good investment to me…

900,000 a year from 8,000 households? then it certainly works!

Not a whole lot of competition but that will change soon…An upscale place opens next week!..

And 900,000 is only 9.38 per month per house…

That seems like alot of waste to do a menu that many times! It must not be the same for Panago everywhere cause out here in our area they only change 4 times a year and they only mail out a few times each year.

My town has 1500 houses and I do over $800,000 a year so you cant really go by numbers all the time.

I was surfing on the Advertising Age website and I came across this article: The Best Performing Print Advertising of the Summer.

I know these are magazine ads and not newspaper inserts, but they really are the total opposite end of the spectrum from ones done for pizza… the word “minimalist” comes to mind with most of them. I wonder what the ad for the Ford Focus would look like if done by pizza marketers?!?