panda buys interest in fast and casual pizza

The husband-and-wife team[/URL] behind 1,900-restaurant [URL=‘’]Panda Restaurant Group have purchased an undisclosed interest in the Pieology fast-casual pizza brand, the parties announced this morning.

Details of the investment were not disclosed.

An announcement of the deal specified that Pieology would take advantage of Panda’s real estate resources and purchasing power.

It’s certainly the new craze in pizza the past 5 years. I have something I want to pitch to the chains but don’t know anyone at any of the chains. It’s a game-changer that no chain has done yet. If you know anyone in product development George, please let me know!

Hi Joe:

Contact me at And I will be happy to help you.

George Mills

Sent, but came back mailer daemon. Is your email supposed to be perhaps?

I believe there is a new start-up with this concept in Virginia… Alexandria area?
Anybody? “Fire…” something?