What Pandora station does everyone play?

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We change it everyday. Sublime, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid type music. We’re a modern dive type place so it fits our schtick!

We use spotify, but only for the kitchen (employee’s) and it depends on who is working. Customer area we have two TV’s, usually sports or movies playing.

I simply use a regular radio station & have only 1 speaker. I also have a tiny dining room too only seating 35 people

Mine seats half that many and we jam! Pack this little sports bar type FOH for all the games, especially Warriors and Cubs. Cubs playoff games we had standing room only and a wall of people 3 rows deep watching the games on the TV’s outside our front window! Vibe for FOH will make or break your dine-in in big cities as there are so many places to go. Where are you in Idaho btw? Always like your posts buddy!

Thanks Joe, I am located in Kimberly, which is near Twin Falls, which is 1/2 way between Boise and Pocatello.

Right on amigo! Have a few friends in Boise and always liked Idaho. Will have to come by your place sometime my friend!