Panini Sandwiches

Hey All~
We want to add sandwiches to our menu lineup. We are strongly leaning towards panini’s for multiple reasons.
Does anyone have experience with panini’s, and any good recipes?
Much Thanks…

Hello Sammy,you’ll need a Pannini machine which cost abour 250-300.00 for a good commercial one.As far as recipes you can use your imagination and do just about anything in them.Just find a good bakery to use have them cut the loaf in thick slices for you and then just build sandwich and press in the Pannini.Use some butter on your bread to keep from sticking and adds great flavor.

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Hey Niccademo~
Thanks for the response.
Quick question - what type of bread is best for panini’s?
Sammy B.

focaccia is the best

Sammy,I would just do a good Italian loaf.I would prefer a good semolina but thats just me.