Paninis and wraps

I am thinking about adding wraps and paninis to my menu and was wondering if any of you have any ideas or recipes you can share?

can def help with the wraps
paninis we do not sell
One thing i noticed lately alot is more people are going for the whole wheat wraps compared to the regular
we make all types from italian combo wraps to phy cheese steak wraps
the easiest way i personally found to figure out what type to offer is by looking at your heroes and salads offer a few from each of them as wraps.And also give the customer the option if he does not see the type of wrap to creat his own.
Our most popular wraps are
RIDGEFIELD WRAP(which is lettuce. tomato.bacon.fresh mozzarella topped with grilled chicken)
Also do a combo offer like add fries for what ever amount you choose
we usually sell the wraps for $6.95 or $8.95 with a choice of fries or onion rings
most popular dressing for wraps with grilled chicken excluding chicken caesar wraps is we use Garden harvest honey mustard.
well good luck to you if you have anything else feel free to ask
or just check our website under wraps for few ideas

I also do wraps we use the 12" white tortilla and make 3 kinds. 2 types of california wrap Beef and chicken which we put 4ozof whichever meat in a pizza pan add onions and green peppers and heat up (the meat is pre-cooked) and on the tortilla shell we spread our house dill ranch dip with lettuce, olives tomatoes and mozza cheese. We also do a chicken caesar wrap just like it sounds chicken, bacon heated up and on the shell romaine, parm, mozza and caesar dressing, hope that helps

we have 5 wraps at all times and occasionally do special wraps, our wraps are done on 13 inch white or wheat tortillas. the wraps we have are:
Chicken ceaser wrat
fresh grated parm
oven baked chicken br3ast
croutons(coated in ceaser dressing before baked off)
sun dried tomatoes
ceaser dressing

california turkey club
shredded romaine
oven roasted turkey br3ast
dijonaise(40%grey poupon/60%mayo)
shaved red onions
roma tomatoes
guacamole(made fresh)

chicken ranch wrap
pepperjack cheese
shaved red onions
roma tomatoes

thai wrap
mix of shaved red and white cabbage
thai peanut sauce(could give you the recipe, but id have to kill ya, and my back yard is getting full)
thai pasta(blend of angel hair noodles, cucumber, red peppers, ginger, garlic and a thai vinnigrette)

mushu wrap
cabbage mix(see above)
stir fry of tofu, wild mushrooms, cashews, bean sprouts, green onions, shredded carrots, ginger soy sauce and peanut sauce

most of the items used in these wraps are also used on our pizzas, so we dont have to bring a bunch of extra stuff in. i would love to do paninis as well but im out of room in the kitchen at the moment and we are using around 90% of the building electrical capacity.

Actually, your regular pizza dough can make a pretty decent wrap. Sheet/roll the dough out very thin and bake it untiol it just begins to show bubbles, then flip it over and bake for a few more seconds. This is only for those of you with deck ovens. If you have an air impingement oven, it can be done, but you will need to open all of the top fingers. Personally, if it were me, I’d buy the wraps. As for the paninni, again, use your regular pizza dough to make focaccia. I like to slice a 10 or 12-inch focaccia into quarters, then cut each quarter in half (top and bottom). build the paninni on the focaccia crust then finish in a paninni press, or try wrapping in parchment paper and running through your air impingement oven the same as you do your pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We took our smalls and slightly finger docked, slapped once and pinched the edeges - on to the stone and as soon as the light brown color appeared and the “chef’s hat”, out of the oven and cut in half as ordered. Huge sales. But, the lavash in every flavor and wrapping everything is the best way to go. Wrap everything.