Does anyone serve paninis at their place? Does anyone know where I can get any ideas on them to add to my menu?

I don’t serve them yet, but I think they are a great idea. Have you tried to look it up on any of the panini grill manufacturers websites? If I were them I would have lots of info about it to help sell my grills! Good luck!

They don’t seem to travel well if you do a lot of delivery.

check out Panera Bread for ideas. ideas are easy, process of making - hard. takes longer, put sandwich together longer, its hard to find the good bread to use.

They make a grill plate that you can run through your conveyor oven and it puts the grill marks on the bread. I’ve never used them but always thought they looked cool.

Agreed - I, too am considering one (mainly for dine in). I am thinking of delivering them ungrilled with instructions for grilling it on the “George Foreman” grill themselves. I saw this being used at trade shows by more than one bread manufacturer to make panini samples, & it seems to work quite well.