Panoli's Country Potato Pizza

Were putting this creation on as the pizza of the month today, anyone have any feedback on potato pizzas, sales? Recipe? Customer feedback?

The idea is to offer another vegy pizza and to use the potato as a meat subsitute, we already have the potatoes prepped for our ribs and rotisserie chicken so there isn’t much extra prep to consider.

Panoli’s Country Potato Pizza Large - in large 14" only $22.95
A beautiful mix of Herb Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Sweet Potato, Roasted Corn with Red Onions

I once made a mashed potato pizza with cheddar cheese and mozzarella topped with bacon. It was to die for.

We had one similiar: sliced baked potatoes on a crust brushed with Olive Oil, bacon, cheddar, served with a side of Ranch and called it the Baked Potato Cheddar. Was one of the most awesome pizzas that we featured as “Pizza of the Month”. Also could be topped with chopped green onions.

thats sounds great

we serve a potato pizza that is garlic mashed potatos, red onion, cheddar mozz mix,bacon, and we serve with a side of sour cream. its nowt a huge seller but it has a loyal following. by the way good luck to all those working today.