What does everyone use to bake pizza, or other items in their conveyor ovens? Pans, screens, perferated discs, or perferated pans? Which on do you think is the best for a conveyor oven? Thank You


I used screens for months before going to perf disks. I will never use a screen again! Disks arre 100% better IMO. They’re more durable and clean easier than screens. I’ve also heard that in some areas, screens have been banned due to sanitary reasons.

So how do you work with the heat of your disks? As your pizzas are taken out of the oven, if you stack your disks one on top of the other, the bottom ones never cool to a point that you can hancle them by hand. What do you do to let your disks cool down?

It also really depends on the type of pizza that you want to make. If you want a crisp bottom then use either a screen or perforated disc. If you wish for a softer perhaps thicker crust, use non perforated pans. Really good pizza can be made by both. I would suggest testing in your own oven with your dough before buying all of one or the other.

to cool our perf disks, we have an old dough box that we toss 'em in at the end of the conveyor…cool in seconds…tray sits on a dunnage rack

Thanks to all that have responded. Anyone have the perforated raised edge pans :?: They have about a 11/16" raised edge on them that you can use to cut a perfect shape pizza circle. Let me know what everyone thinks of them :?:

What do you do to let your disks cool down?

I place them in a vertical stand disk holder on top of my oven to cool. They do stay warm, which is the way I want them to place the sheeted dough on.

I have only one oven, so the top is only 40" from the floor.

Also, I find 14 gauge disk with fewer(81 per 14") and smaller(.25" diameter) work better than the lighter gauge with more holes.
I bake with a Q-Matic 36W and it is a noninpingement oven, that may make a difference.