papa johns deal of the day in louisville

went to six flags amusment park in louisville today papa was the official pizza shop there deal number one 14" pie 24.95 plus tax deal number 2 14" pie 2 cheesy breads 64oz of soda 34.95 plus tax deal number 3 slice of pie and 16 oz soda 8.96 plus tax we went for the 5.95 french fries 4.95 pretzel 3.50 20oz coke we had a blast no lines good weather good to getaway from the pizza barn for couple of days and recharge. :lol:

Wow, what a deal! Maybe my next venture will be with them!

I know how a recharge feels. It’s good you took the time to do it. I did it once in three years : X

What is this ‘getaway’ and ‘recharge’ you speak of ?

It just dawned on me how I can increase my sales… I’ll just build a theme park around my shop ! I’ll have my food cost down to 8% before you know it.

Anyone know where I can get some used roller coasters or merry-go-rounds ?

Actually, yes! I stumbled across this site a few months ago: This company buys and sells used amusement park rides, from little merry-go-rounds to major roller coasters. I had no idea those big roller coasters got sold and reused when they were taken down.

Just a fun site to look around.

that would be hitting a jackpot if you own a pizza shop in amusement park… the six flag around here, I forgot which pizza franchise they have but I remember getting a small cheese pizza (8inch) and a drink… guess how much? 18.98… order of chicken tenders (3) and a very small portion of fries… 10.95 … da*n it must be nice LOL.

yea the old wooden ones are sold cheap and people love the rusticness of them, just had one open about a week ago here and people are flocking to it.

How about a slice shop at a ski area. That is our location #2. We are only open 20 weeks a year. We open at 10:30AM and close at 5PM.

A slice is $4.00. A whole 16" pepperoni is $21.00. Fountain drink is $2.50.

On a REALLY busy day we can do $1000 per hour during lunch but an average day is a lot less. A $1500 day requires 15 hours of kitchen labor total. (All prep is done at our main location and is not included in that 15 hours)