Papa John's driver compensation

Competitive info for you independents. Just talked to a buddy of mine at PJ. They switched their driver compensation to:

$1.15 per delivery
$4.25 an hour while checked out on delivery
$7.25 an hour while in store

Their computer system automatically logs the hours for when they are out on delivery and when they are in store.

Pizza Hut pays $7.25 all the time, plus $1.25 per delivery. Also, pizza hut pays shift managers $8-10, and cooks $7.25-8.25.

PJ corporate was the first to go tip credit. Dominos was second. How far behind do you think Pizza Hut will be?

No idea, one thing that sucks about working for a franchise is that you never know whats going to be happening in a week or even the next few days. We’ve had sales shoved down our throats multiple times and even some menu changes in less then a weeks notice. I’m sure most people know of the $10 pizzas at pizza hut, well we didn’t know about this until about 3 days in advance, perhaps the rgm knew, but they can keep a tight lid on new information. Also, they won’t even tell us when this promotion ends, originally it was supposed to end on February 30 or so, and they just keep it going. Pizza Hut also has a new pizza on hold until this promotion ends, but when this will be who knows. All I know is that its going to be the biggest pizza they have ever sold and they might even have to get new pizza bags for them to fit in…