PaPa John's game sales down

Papa Johns recently told the NFL their sales are down this year during NFL games.

This must be very concerning to the pizza chain and to the NFL. Social Justice Protests continued this week at several NFL games

Our sales are up overall to last year but Sundays are down. My son in law has 2 tickets to a game next month and everyone is refusing to go with him.

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I’m sure most of us are dealing with this as well:

I compared to last year :

9/10. + 1%
9/17 - 19%
9/24 +1%
10/1 -10%
10/8 -8%
10/15 -5%
10/22 -17%

And this is with a price increase.

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Our Sundays have been up for the last couple of months. Between 10-20%. Best change of any day of the week.

Sunday’s are hit and miss around here. Yesterday was a good day. I have noticed tho there are quite a few regulars who don’t order anymore on game days.

We are in the Cleveland area…who watches football around here? Actually, there are a lot of Steelers fans - so I guess some still do!