Papa John's New Crispy Crust

Anyone know how they do it?

Is it really still crispy when you get it home?

Yes. I actually ordered one tonight.

reckon its a par-baked cracker crust…

I experimented with a cracker crust and never got it to stay crispy like it looks in the picture. Heck, I was never able to just break a slice like a graham cracker like they do in the commercial.

What did you think…the crust…the pizza over-all…

Pizza Pirate, I use a tnt crust with a loyds of london disk and it is awesome, no soggy pizza at all!
cracker thin easy to work with cost about .35 for a 14 inch I cannot begin to tell you how many people love the ultra thin crust
If im not mistaken didnt you go to the pizza show? they were there…

Do you buy all your crust or just for this one purpose? Is it distributed widely through major distributors?

Couldn’t make it to the show as I’ve been on a real tight budget as of late . . .

PJ uses a par-baked crust. I will see if I can find out what is in it tomorrow night.

New? You mean Thin Crust?

Thin crust is not a new item. It IS par baked.

The last ingredients list I saw was here: (it may be necessary to copy and paste into the address box).


It was the first time I had gotten that crust. I got the ultimate pepperoni pizza that they are advertising. The crust was fine. Texture was good. The pepperoni was good. The ultimate pepperoni has double pepperoni on it I think… and the pepperoni was slightly spicy, which I like. Their sauce and cheese though are not my favorites. The cheese specifically.

They add a roman parmesan mix, then sprinkle some salty stuff on the top. Too salty a pie for me.

But I like the crust. It got me thinking about doing parbake for the shop I was going to open. Hand toss, parbake, then top and cook.

there was a company (I think they’ve been @ the show) that makes a super thin crust…used it many, many yrs ago & actually won an award!

But I believe they’ve changed the recipe and it resembles more a tortilla…not as good, IMHBCO

Actually, upon further research, I believe this was/is the mfg I used b4

Are you talking about there thin crust? It has been around for over a decade now. I managed a Papas Many years ago. Its a par baked crust that comes in stacks. It didnt even need refrigeration.

It reminded me of more of a thick tortilla shell then a pizza crust.