Papa Johns vs Independents

This is just some exciting shared info.Papa J’s opened up 4 months ago only 1 block away from me,some ballz they have.Butt anyway I said to my panicking wife don’t sweat it thier employee’s will be down here for jobs within 6 months.Well low and behold only 4 months later I had 2 of thier drivers and one of there cooks come to me for jobs because they are doing so bad.If you have a truly good product don’t worry about these Big Cats when they come into your area.People are very hip to good food.Lesson here…never drop your guard keep on jabbing.

                       Niccademo 8)

My main store is a Papa John’s that failed. I bought their equipment in place for 10 cents on the dollar. We have been in business over years now. They made it 8 months.