Papa Murphy's Opened

Just got a Papa Murphy’s in town. Anyone with experience on what to expect?

There are 2 here. They are more a competition for the grocery store T&B than for me. There are few of my regulars that care to take the time to wait for their oven to heat up so they can cook it.

9 years ago I started my pizzeria as just a T&B and I was competing with 1 Papa Murphy’s and 3 other Mom & Pop pizzerias ( no big 3s) and 2 grocery stores. (1 year latter I started baking my pies.) Today no Papa Murphy’s and 2 of the indies are gone and the other is going to finish his 3 year lease and he too will be gone. What I did was first give better service than them, second give better quality than them, three give the customer that personal attention touch that we do so well being a Mom & Pop pizzeria, and Four having the passion and the love of giving all you got everyday to do the very best that you can, and when you put your head on that pillow at the end of your day beat and tired you can lay there knowing that today you were victorious.:slight_smile:

We have one, if it wasn’t for food stamps, they wouldn’t be open. I’ve talked to their employees, it’s about 90/10 split in food stamps and cash. Submitted an application to accept food stamps, didn’t work, but I gave it a go anyway. Nothing I can really do about that, so I don’t give them much thought.

I would say do nothing. Unless your a T & B, i wouldnt think it would have any affect on you. Well said tony. I run my business exactly like that. 100 percent customer service. Had a P.M. open in my city, they were gone in less then 12 mos…but still at kroger

I’ve found that customers try Papa Murphy’s, like the format, and then come back to us as we offer a take-and-bake option (as they prefer our product/service). So, add T&B if you haven’t already and let them train customers for you!