Papa Murphy's Pizza Tax

Has any body heard that Papa Murphy’s has to start charging sales tax on there pizza? I guess that the BIG 3 were saying that PM’s had a unfair advantage by not charging tax. Just wondering now do you think that would include all pizza shops that also do take & bake? and what would that tax do against the food stamp purchases? Could you still use food stamps to buy the T&B pizzas?

Royce how do you know everything about anything? AMAZING!

I know nothing…But Google (and my wife) are very “smart”…

How could this have possibly passed if they still consider frozen grocery store pizzas as “groceries” and are exempted from tax? What’s the difference, other than a few million dollars to lobby the politicians with?

What is taxable under sales tax is a state issue and/or local issue. Our state is really screwed up on sales tax exemptions (medicine is taxed, but certain types of string are not) . We currently do not charge tax on most grocery items, but, ,like most states we do tax prepared food. When I walk down the breezeway to the grocery store and buy a buggy load of 2liter drinks they are not taxed. When I sell the same bottle, it is taxed because it is considered part of a prepared meal.