Papa Murphy's

Ok, so obviously this is a take-n-bake question, but Ive noticed there is a couple people on here who do take-n-bake. Do u have a papa murphys near you? Once is opening up in the next complex. We are totally different, they are cheap typical pizza that you would get anywhere, but you just bake it yourself. I am a gourmet shop and truly have significantly better product. But do u think this will help or hurt me? Even if your not a take-n-bake, does having a cheaper pizza shop open near you do you good or bad, im expecting a dip to begin with, but…
Thanx all!

When PH opened in the next strip mall about 1/2 mile from me my business increased by 10% and I didn’t even advertise.

Thanx Daddio, im thinking that truly in the long run it will help me. Like I said, maybe ill get an initial dip, but when I can go to two different places I do go for the better food. I may try the cheapy to see what its like, but the quality brings me back to the better guy. I figure ill just get my sign guy who goes out onto the road advertising for me just to use a sign that says GOURMET TAKE-N-BAKE PIZZA HERE!
I mean they could help me with all their advertising, get people in the mood for take n bake and be willing to give me a try.
I have one more week till I find out what the impact will be

i ev tried P M i do not know why people like it, but here is what i ll do if i were you you have a great product why not bake it and deliver it cause i think having 2 take and bake in an area is gonna hurt your business i hope that i am wrong so again be different not only in your high quality product but with your service keep take and bake and offer the bake and delivery service if you can . you did not tell us what your weekly sales like, if you allready have a high sales i would not worry about it at all cause p m has a very average pizza in my openion good luck and keep us informed

I agree with the above statement adding ovens will buckel PM at there knees it worked for me. :stuck_out_tongue: Trippled my buisness in three months.

As far as why people like it… My sister is a soccer mom, she loves PM, she likes to feel like she’s “cooking” for her kids. It’s weird, but it’s a symbolic thing for her. Taste is secondary to her, now that I think back maybe even thirdondary :stuck_out_tongue:

History will bear this out as well. Complete, just add water cake mixes were available around WWII in the United States. they failed miserably because the women felt it was cheating, and wanted to do the ‘cooking’. So, they went to “add eggs and oil” mixes to create a phenomenon. Still today, cake mixes COULD be high quality with just adding water. FoodService industry loves them . . . grocery stores cannot move them.

A certain segment of the population/marketplace prefers moving as close to “from scratch” as they can possibly manage. Take and Bake is the compromise between that desire and the reality of time schedule limitations and bread baking. Hot pizza when I WANT IT.

Selling pizza kits could be a big hit for still another segment that likes family cooking.

Kits might be an excellent idea! Thanx, Im also adding to my take-n-bake menu. In case of unwanted attention ill not mention it now. But the menu is about to grow dramatically.
As to the comments about baking the pizza. I will not be going into it. Yes I know it would increase my sales fast, but Im looking into another avenue. I want to stay strictly takenbake, I know some would question the validaty of this but I have a couple of problems with baking, the number 1 reason…I cant bake in my location, its a part of my lease and also my licencing. cant be done. So…I will increase my take-n-bake items list. make it a fresh type of M&M’s, is M&M’s in the USA?
Anyway, thanx for all your advice. Ill keep plugging away, and making the most of it. I am proud of what I have done so far, I just want to take it further. Does anyone have any suggestions for take-n-bake items? As I said I have some in development as we speak, but you tankers are the best and making me think in other directions…
Thanx all!

calzones, bread/cini/garlic stix, cinnamon rolls, dessert pizza, cheesey bread, pepperoni rolls or any sandwich filling, pasties, pasta…the list is endless…

k, fill me in on a couple of things
Calzones: Is this a pizza folded over?
Desert pizza: How is this done? pie filling with a cumble on top with a rolled edge?
Cheese bread: do u mean pizza dough with cheese sprinkled on top or kneaded in, or both?
pepperoni rolls: pizza dough rolled around a stick of pepperoni?
Pastie: What is that?