paper cups

we currantly use styrofoam and are looking for printed paper cups any leads?

I would say try your Pepsi or Coke rep and see what they have to offer you, other than that I would try your main food suplier. Anyone else would not be selling you enough to make it worth their while to come there just for cups so those cups would cost an arm and a leg! Good luck!

We use cups made from compostable corn starch. We order them through sysco.

we’ve always used styro as well. every year or so i check prices on paper cups from my food distributors and pepsi and coke… their always crazy high compared to the styro cost.

We are currently getting paper cups and lids from Presto Foods - they deliver up into Indianapolis. I know the area rep well, if you want him to give you a call with a quote send me a site PM and I’ll pass along the number to you.