Paper shortage affecting you?

Anyone being affected by the paper shortage yet? I use generic boxes and 16" are now.$33/50. What everyone paying?

Just got my customs back today, 34.10

$35 for custom 16 inch

Where do you get your custom boxes?

I paid 40.65 for generic boxes


White B Flute generic.

I hate when we have to use kraft on kraft boxes they aren’t as strong as the white on kraft

The past few months there have been shortages but its been ok the recently

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Wondering why yours are half the cost of everyone else’s? Do you have a long term contract?

I’m at about $20 for a 14”

custom 2 color
16" $28.45
12" $22.98

Im not sure,… all three of my vendors are right around that price. My boxes used to cost $16 and $14 a few months ago

Paper products are based on the pulp market just as cheese prices are based on the block market. Con struction can’t get enough wood. They are paying higher prices which will also drive paper prices up.
My custom 16" box is $30.11

My fry bags just jumped 50% in cost.

I was just told by my rep that if I have space for storage to buy pallets of pizza boxes bc they got word price is going to JUMP

Geez, they are already up almost 2x in just over a year.
14" pizza boxes (50)
23.88 Jan 2021
28.93 April 2021
39.56 last week