Par baking pizza crust

We are currently making a frozen pizza crust. We are using the same recipe that was once used in our pizza shop. We par bake the crust, sauce it, cheese it and freeze it. For some reason when we cook it after it has been frozen it comes out like a cracker. Our pizza crust usually rises a little in the oven, giving us a nice crust. Are there any tricks to making a par baked crust. Any feedback would help.

No trick, but remember, you are baking your crust twice, not once. The first bake is when you par-bake it, then when you bake it with the toppings you are further drying the crust out. Hence, a dry, cracker like texture. To address this issue, you might contact TIC Gums at 410-273-7300 and request a sample of their gum blend Ticaloid Lite. Also ask for usage information in pizza crust production. What this gum blend will do is to increase the amount of water that the dough formula carries, then, when you par-bake and finish bake, the crust will have a finished moisture content closer to that of a single (fresh baked) crust. I know this approach works because I did extensive development work on it a number of years ago.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks tom, This is great infromation.

That is the product I used when I was in the wholesale biz…less than 4 oz/50# of flour…

No the bad news…after your sample runs out, you’ll need to buy 2/50# bags of TIC & it will set you back $350 or so…

Its a minimum order/shipping thing…

I ordered my samples on Friday. I will make the dough on wednesday. I am going to use the same recipe I do for my NY Style pizza crust. Based on what you guys are saying this should help me with my problem? Can’t wait to see how it works. Thanks for the feedback.

Why would someone want to par bake crusts for storage? I don’t get it.

we are going to sell wholesale frozen pizzas. Par baking the crust allows us to freeze it and sell them in bulk packs. Just like the stuff you get in the store but we use good ingredients.

Ah OK that makes sense. Sorry.

by pizzaguynj » Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:13 am

we are going to sell wholesale frozen pizzas.

Hi Pizzaguynj;

Are you using any meat on your product?

If so what has been your experience with USDA or you state inspectors who regulate those selling products containing meat.?

George Mills

Its been my limited experience…you ‘sell’ & label you pizza as a "Cheese Pizza’ with toppings & as long as the meat content falls below xx%, you can avoid the many of the hassles meat processors/USDA requirements go thru…

I thought the meat number was something like 2%…Does someone have a link to the USDA rules regarding meat topped pizzas (and/or foods) ?..

Royster…you are in the ballpark…it takes a whole lotta meat to overcome the weight of the crust & cheese…

I just wrote an entire article on this very topic, complete with web sites. Go to PMQ, April 2010 to see the article.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor