Par-fry help. Nicks, patriot's anyone???

Hello Friends,
I have been experimenting par fry on my broaster. doesn’t seem to work so faar. There’s lot of info on the wings, but I sell a lot of drumsticks,thighs,brea$ts along with jo jos.

All tems being 360 my regular coock time is 4 min.for brea$t,thigh. then add drumstick(legs not wins) for another 12 min.
Tried 1,3,5 min. pre fry then cool/ref/freeze (CRF). too messy, bleeds.

1,2 min. short of full coock time,CRF. then refry for 5 min. still red/cold inside. this method will call for a lot more re fry time to coock inside(bone).

Fully coocked, CRF. Better of all so faar. problem is, it dries and darkens on 6,7 min. and cold inside on 5min. refry.

Should I stick with Fully coocked, CRF, 5min. refry and let the disply/holding warmer take care of inner coldness? or do you guys have better proven method?

Please note, I am reffering to rather fat Chicken pcs.(Legs,thighs,brea$ts. not wings)

Same kind of problem with jo jos. they are #1 potatoes cut in 4pc. therefore the fat pieces needing longer reheat/refry times. either leaving cold inside or too brown/overcoocked.


 I don't think your health department would be ok with letting your holding cabinet bring it up the rest of the way in temp, I know mine would not.  It also sounds like it is a lot of work to try and save a bit of time, and the quality of the product suffers too much in the process.  Have you though about making it a point of pride in your shop that it just takes a while for fresh fried chicken and really make it clear to the customer that this is cooked up fresh just for them.  I know I would really like the idea that my chicken didn't sit under a heat lamp for a half hour before it wound up on my plate, even if the end result was the same.  I guess it is just my mindset for fresh home made vs. fast food, local indie vs. national chain.  I will be opening in about 4-5 weeks and I am going the fresh cooked route, I guess I will see what happens.  I hope you find a solution that works for you, I will keep thinking about some way of getting a jump on it and if I come up with something I will post back.

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Thanks David,
I agree, fresh fried product is the best. that, only if you do it right everytime. doing from scrach requires some skills,effort & consistency and has a lot of room for error specialy when you partially depend on employees.

we suppose to marinate overnite. bread it, let it set for 4 min., shake the dry/loose remaining breading off then put in the fryer. the output no doubt is excellent. but the moment I leave the shop, employees start slackin off. just bread & throw’em in. sometimes they find breading the meat hassle, slack off & let it run out.
I want to par fry for consistency & convenience. I personaly will marinate, bread, par fry and freeze twice a week. therefore eliminate some of the error & all the unconsistency. Quality is not the same but at least it is consistent product. and hopefully employees will keep up with cooking since they don hafta bread everytime.

I have never nor would I EVER par-fry 8-way breaded chicken - the health hazard & quality issues are tremendous…

I, too, marinate bone-in chicken w/a SYSCO “Sunday Skillet” product…drain the next day & ice…chicken last for days…

I pressure fry 8-16 pcs @ a time…@ 325 for 12 minutes…lasts for hours in heated display…


I cook/bread my on JoJo’s - 6 minutes under pressure (80 ct baker, 6-cut)

Many time I just kettle fry my tenders & fries for 6 minutes @ 350

I broast 10# of wings @ 350 for 8 minutes, chill, then refry for 2-3 minutes & sauce…great crisp & juicy

hope that helps…

yRe: Par-fry help. Nicks, patriot’s anyone???

I am assuming that broasting is pressure frying, so correct me if I am wrong. Par-frying still requires food to come up to safe cooking temp for the chicken. If you are getting bleeding, then you have a health problem waiting to happen. Follow the Safe food handling requirements of your state and guidelines for HACCP when handling your chicken.

I cannot see pre-cooking breaded chicken product without a commercial setup designed to do this and flash freeze very well. Then you could cook just to set the breading/batter and finish for service. It can be done so that you simply cannot tell the difference . . . just not by me :smiley:

Cook the chicken wings just through to barley hit your temp mark with carry over. Then, cool to 35F as safely/quickly as you have the equipment to do. Finish to order, and they can be great. They are different from cooking 15 minutes from raw and serving . . . but they are great.