Parade Float Ideas?

Hi guys,

I own two gourmet pizza restaurants and we’re going to be in our local 4th of July parade. We will have a couple guys doing tricks w/throw dough, some people handing out coupons, menus, etc., and throwing candy. We will be using a truck. I can’t think of any ways to decorate the truck in a “pizza” theme. Anyone have any ideas? Any help much appreciated!


I don’t know your budget, but if you can afford it . . . GUMMI PIZZAS are the think to give out. Scroll down just a bit. Price per each with shipping is around 50 cents, but with a sticker on the back, it could be a marketing tool.

Truck bed could be done up like a deck oven. Tailgate is the ‘door’, and steam comes out . . . use a great big oversized peel . . . . have some sort of pizza to take out. You could ven pull the gummi pizzas out of the ‘oven’. Just an idea.

Hey Nick

Good idea. Pulling my my Halloween experience you can use a smaoke machine in the bed so when you open the back the smoke rolls out. The only trouble I see with this is you don’t want the crowd thinking you are serving burnt pizza! :lol:

How about renting costumes that represent the toppings you use for your pizzas to help convey the quality and freshness of your product. Maybe a side show of someone in a pizza costume and another with the large pizza peel try to catch the other.