Parbaked Pan-Pizza Crusts?

Curious if anyone here does a parbaked pan pizza crust? I’m trying to do something like the platonic ideal of a pizza hut pan pizza - really light/fluffy but sturdy and almost crunchy on the bottom. I’ve seen Tom’s post on parbaking pan pie crusts, but curious to see results of a parbaked crust if anyone here is doing them!

I make one for the crew sometimes. I just use a 15oz hand tossed dough. 10 inch pan. 2 or 3 tbl spoons of oil on the bottom of the pan. Not for non-stick, but for frying the dough, for crspyness. spray the sides for non stick. I flatten out the dough a little, careful not to degas it. put in pan and cook 4 minutes. then use it whenever you want.

I don’t think it taste as good as pizza hut in the late 80’s though.
Hard to say though, I hardly ever got to go out to eat, so things just tasted better back then. I delivered for pizza hut many times. I wish I would have paid more attention

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