Pardon our dust...and don't go easy on us!

Dear Think Tankers,

Just a quick note to let you know we are doing a little Spring cleaning and reorganizing, trying to make the Think Tank easier to use and find information on.

If you see some strange stuff, (big red square with a 1 in it over each page) or widgets moving to and fro, don’t be alarmed.

If you see something you like or you HATE or you have anything else to say about what you’d like to see in the TT in 2015, don’t hesitate to comment (even anonymously!) on this thread. We would love to hear what you think.

Lastly, in the interest of making the TT’s wealth of knowledge more searchable, related, organized and generally well-managed, I’m am going through all our old 10,000+ threads and adding tags to them.

If you’d like to help, that would be great! After all, if everyone added just 5 tags, it would only take us 5 minutes to finish the whole project! All you need to do is add a tag to threads when you notice they don’t have one. It doesn’t have to be a tag that is already existing. The most important thing about tags is that it’s a keyword that you would use to search for whatever thread you are looking at. Feel free to add as many as you find relevant.

Here we go!

With the Tag Cloud becoming more populated would it be possible to limit the physical size and put in a scroll bar?

I can limit the amount of tags being shown at any given time. Right now there is a limit of 100, I can lower it back down to 50 or 70. Unfortunately I did not see an option for a scroll bar. What if I put the tag cloud on the homepage of going horizontal above the forums? That way there will be a lot of space and users can see at a glance which topics already have threads about them?

On the side bar I would keep the “related threads” stream which will continue to get more full as more and more threads are tagged. Opinion?

I would not mind so much if it the forum link bar (Home>Forums>PMQs Forums>Think Tank>, this is how i navigate when i am done with a thread. I just scroll down abit and select the forum i wish to end up in.) was not streched all the way accross. If it jsut went across the bottom of the thread then. Right now you have to scroll all the way to bottom of the tags or scroll back up to the top of the thread to go back.

How about this? Tags at the bottom?

I like the tags at the bottom!

if i knew how to do a thumbs up smiley face… you woulda got it :smiley: