parking woes

I have just about had it with the inconsiderate people in this world. I need some ideas on how to handle this situation. the business across the street has a Thursday night amature night which is great for up and coming talent, my problem is that people park infront of our shop and fill up the whole Street both sides and potential customers assume we are full and really busy when we are not and they just drive on by, I have tried the wrong approach placing signs on the sidewalk(illegal) posting coupons on cars, standing outside and watching people i am at my wits end on how to handle this situation have tried t…alking to the business owner without any sucess
thanks for letting me vent just a little stressed the economy is starting to hit us

Offer some prizes to the winners. Look for ways to compliment both the other business and the increased customer traffic.

for got to mention the owner of the business is my ex landlord from 3 yrs ago(still pissed i moved out of his overpriced bldg and moved across the street)

i have placed coupons for $3 off a large pizza with a thank you letter for visiting our town

these people aren’t even from ourtown or community so they just don’t give a crap

this has just about made me ready to shut it down and get a full time job


You could do a Thursday delivery special and try to push that side of the business. Something like… Because parking is a problem on Thursday nights let us serve you at home.

Hi Fat Boy;

This is not my area of expertise but I read all posts and I have a question.

Is there only street side parking where you are, no private lots?

George Mills

thanks Richard was actually considering that and switching our Buffet night to tuesday instead of thursday

george no lots for us just street parking but there is achurch parking lot on the side of street as the music store the owner attends that church people are just lazy and disrespectful they wont walk an extra 50ft