Parmesan and crushed red pepper

What creative approaches have y’all implemented so Parmesan crushed red pepper packets aren’t wasted. I’m trying to NOT include them in every box. Trying to get the drivers to carry them in the delivery bag pouch and offer the customer if they need it. But some employees are so set in their ways.

Also, those of you who are pickup and delivery only, do you offer or include by default plates, napkins, knives and forks??


We offer plates, napkins, parm and red pepper to carryout orders. On deliveries, Plates and napkings are brought to commercial or hotel addresses but only delivered upon request to residential deliveries. Parm and red pepper are only delivered upon request.

I don’t know what the policy is in TX or FL, but here in MA no plates, napkins, etc. or parm & crash pepper are offered or delivered without request for residential. Only offered for businesses, schools, hotels, etc.

Same here. CRP & PC are request only.
All the others are business only.

We don’t offer plates napkins utensils to anyone it is request only. We do ask when its a business or hotel if they need them. Drivers carry crushed red peppers and parm with them on delivery. For carry outs we simply ask if they need any a good portion or customers don’t want them.

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When I started in this business we didn’t even carry any of these products in the store. You got your pizza and the box it came in. That’s it!

Yup- those were the days.