Parmesan cheese shakers

Winter,summer or fall. It doesn’t matter what the time of year or temp. I keep having a mold problem. How do you guys keep the cheese fresh? We have tried filling up the shakers half way, putting them away at night. Any other suggestions.

I have a couple ideas.

First, dump all of them out, thoroughly wash them, let them dry completely overnight. Then, put a few oyster crackers in the bottom of each one and then refill them with new parm. To dry, I would dry them as much as possibly by towel, then take a pan, put a clean dry towel in the bottom, put a wire cooling rack on top of that, and put each shaker on it upside down and then fill in around the edges of the pan with the lids and let sit overnight. If you set your kitchen heat back at night, you might disable the setback for the night you dry to keep the kitchen warmer overnight.

second idea is to store the shakers in the fridges and get them out as people wanted them.

i have found that the type/brand of cheese causes the problem. I switched to a romano that never gives me a problem. Every parmesan I tried would ball up and go bad much quicker. We use this cheese just for shakers

We keep ours in the fridge uder the make bench and they stay fine for ages.

When we wash the shakers out we up turn them on top of the oven and let the heat dry them out - works a treat.


famous is right, I took this issue to my cheese manufacture last year and he told me its the TYPE of parm. Just like at the grocery there is some parm that doesn’t HAVE to be refrigerated… Since then we switched and Still cool at night but mold issue is gone,

Simple. Just throw away the shakers and use the packets, works every time and the cheese stays fresh for ever. Worked for us.

we keep ours in the fridge… never had a mold problem… ever.