Part time employee HELP!!!

Ok…I hired a part time 3 yrs ago, and he is on disability. so he can only work 15 hrs a week. Due to his health condition, he has been in & out of the hospital over the last year, he only wants to work certain days & certain hrs. So this last episode of him back in the hospital, claiming due to food poisoning, I fired him. I need & have been needing a full time body that can work when I need them, not when they want to. So I let him go & hired a full time employee & now hes claiming discrimination. Grrrrr… Any thoughts

Hard to say not knowing where you are but in CA it’s an at-will state. Definitely document everything as it helps. No matter what, he can cause you problems, but it sounds like you had to do something.

Did you get a letter or correspondence from a government agency regarding his termination? Depending on what they are asking or demanding it may be worth your time to at the very least speak to a lawyer about the issue to get the best advice.

I’m in Mi an at will state also. I have not heard any thing from any agency yet, this just happened on Friday I let him go, it just shocked me that he is calling me out for discrimination.
He called out discrimination when I told him I needed someone who can work 40 hrs not just 15 a week and that he is unreliable, because I never knew from week to week if he was going to end up back in the hospital

This is just me personally, and not in anyway legal advice, but I wouldn’t worry about this at all until if someone of authority on the matter contacted me. Until then it is just a disgruntled former employee blowing off steam.

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I would stick to the full-time vs part time story and not talk about reliability.