Hey Guys…last question…I promise!

We just finished our expansion which includes a party room that seats approx 50 and need some help

What do those of you that have on-site facilities usually do for certain types of groups…I was planning on having a make-your own pizza type party available to younger kids, but we have been getting alot of requests for people bringing in entertainment (magician, etc.) for longer periods of time. I was not planning on charging for the room but if te food is less than $200 would it bew worthwhile…I had a freakin lady call me to book the room for 5 HOURS for her kids 1 YEAR OLD PARTY…unfreakinbelievable


AWESOME! That means you got demand man. Just charge appropriately and call it a day. Try to schedule her during the middle of the day or something and catch part of that during your down time!

I think you need to figure out how much gross revenue you need out of the room per hour used…Then if the sales are not high enough, you can add a room charge…Our local swimming pool must get $125.00 per hour in sales or it adds $25.00 for extra hours…So a 5 hour rental with $250.00 in sales would get a $75.00 extra room charge…Now this is a supply and demand situation…On a Tuesday afternoon they would be happy to get a booking of any kind and would let the extra charge slide…But on a Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon they have way more demand than space so most folks get in and out in a 2 hour block…And when you do give away the extra time, you need to make sure that they are not expecting service through the whole time blocked…If so, that staff time needs to be paid for…

PS…It would be “insane” to trap kids that young 5 hours…

whats up Scott…glad to see you still here…alot of things have changed, but it’s all good…hope all is well

if there was an easy way to upload pics I would post how it came out