Party Room Progress

A while back I posted about help with ideas about ideas for expanding into our adjoining space. We decided to make our existing dining room much more open and roomy while adding a private party room that we can utilize as additional dining during our peak hours. We thought about doing a “kiddy room” but that would have limited our capabilities.

Anyways…way over out time schedule and way over budget it finally got done. The feedback so far has been great it should help increase our dine-n business having more seats, especially when we get our beer & wine license next month.

We had our first party during a dinner rush and it went well with the local girl scout leaders. The local teen center has been using it during the afternoon lull and we use it for spill-over throughout the week. Communions & Graduations should also do well and we have alot of make-your own-pizza parties coming up. Those gets you the room for 1.5 hours and minimum 10 kids for $99 (pizza & drinks incl b.y.o. cake, we cleanup, etc - extra food is menu price).

I attached some pics of the place (there are a few loose end to finish…pictures to hang, ceiling tiles missing, etc.)…let me know what you think. I also have one of the ladies having their dinner. I asked their permission to use for advertising…do you think I should use it for a mailer to help promote parties?

Also how do you guys price parties of this sort…I am kinda winging based on what the customer wants but I would to put together some sort of per person pricing for these parties.

Thanks! … C_0087.jpg … C_0088.jpg … C_0089.jpg … C_0090.jpg … C_0095.jpg … C_0096.jpg … C_0097.jpg … C_0099.jpg … C_0104.jpg … C_0118.jpg … C_0122.jpg … C_0001.jpg

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It looks like the extra time was worth it. I think it looks great. I also think your entire place looks inviting and clean, Good job.

Very impressive look and a clean sharp store if I might say.

On the subject though, I am not sure you can really gain large value in just making it a room with some tables and a flat screen, maybe you could do one of these sort of things…

Make it accessible for business meetings, that means computer and multimedia ready for presentations and offer flexible designs for large groups.

Bring in some video games, a juke box, table hockey, a dance machine…whatever and use it as a game area normally and have it available for parties as well for a fee, and if you wanted birthday parties maybe you could work a deal with some local talent like a face painter, balloon artist, clown etc and package it with cake etc and make a more formal menu for people who want to host a birthday party, and then advertise that way.

You could make it a local TEAM based room where if your sponsored team was playing that after the game they get the room to have a team party or meeting after the game.

Very nice layout though…

Holy nice place batman! I’m jealous!

Very nice job, looks super clean and nice.


WOW I am impressed…it is a very nice looking place you have!