Passing on delivery costs to customers

From another thread: Driver’s auto insurance

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If it is so easy to pass on this cost to the customer, why not pay drivers 55 cents per mile and pass that cost on to the customer also?

So I add it to a delivery fee. If you’re driving your own vehicle and I (as the store owner) add a .55 per mile delivery fee I’m pretty sure you would see LESS tips close to whatever the fee ends up being. You as a driver might make more or less money total. If it was less I’m sure you would be upset with it.

At least we both agree that delivery charges hurt tips. Why an employer would want to do that to a valued employee is beyond me.

I’ll take a guaranteed payment for the use of my car over the chance at a tip any day. Otherwise, If you want me to invest in your business (by giving you partial free use of my vehicle), than at least share the profits with me.

The habitual stiffer is going to give you $1.50 or $2.00 or $2.50 or what ever the delivery fee is. I would think you would like that. I personally pass the entire delivery fee on to the driver and eat the costs associated with delivery.

As I supply my drivers with vehicles I don’t worry so much about their tips. I pay for gas, up keep, and insurance for the vehicles. They still make tips but not like the drivers at the Big 3. Seeing as they don’t beat their own cars up, or have to pay for gas or insurance it’s a trade off they all prefer. All of my drivers make OVER minimum BEFORE tips.