Passover Pizza

Has anyone made pizza on matzo? Some of my Jewish customers have asked about it.

might be too crisp to run thru your oven & cut w/o falling apart…check some of the tortilla/wrap suppliers & see if any yeast is/isn’t used…that might be a better option, or try to use one of the chemical leavening agents…or a potato based sourdough…

This was just featured in the Detroit Free Press (Matzo Pizza). I think you should just experiment with the matzo and give it a shot (its just flour and water). There was a recipe in the Freep as well. … 1/1073/YAK

Its from their monthly “Yak’s Corner” for kids though, so its fairly family oriented, but hey, anything to start you off, right?

I’d just experiment - I’m thinking of trying it out too.