pasta and calzone recipes

I am located in a rural area. I bought a small carryout with pizza and subs about 3 months ago. Evening and weekend business is great but am looking to expand the menu to get more daytime sales. Anyone know where to find recipes for pastas and calzones. I have 2 pizza ovens and am installing a grill and fryer soon.

Do a google search for calzone or pasta recipes and you will find lots of different ideas. I also find that there are sometimes some good ones on the foodnetwork.

Look no further than your own pizza dough it will work well in making your calzones. Just be sure to tear a small hole in the top center to allow steam to escape and brush the top of the calzone with cream, melted butter of a flavored oil, or just use olive oil to brush on the calzone just before you put it in the oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank You, I think we got it. We brush ours with garlic spread which we use for cheesy breadsticks anyway. Can you do a dessert calzone??
Maybe pie filling in the pizza crust, brush with eggwash and sprinkle with sugar?? I am really new to the pizza biz but have lots of foodservice experience.