Pasta and Sauce

I am writing an article about pastas and sauces for an upcoming issue of PMQ and would love to get your input. If you have feedback on one or more of the questions below, email me your answers at by this Thursday afternoon, April 8 (if you’d rather discuss on the phone, let me know your availability). And, if you respond, please include your full name, title (i.e., owner), business name, city and state. Thanks so much!

What are some of the benefits of offering pastas? What are some of the challenges of working with pasta?
What kind of pasta/sauce combos do you offer? Do you have a create-your-own option?
What is the bestseller pasta/sauce?
How do you market/advertise the pastas? Do you offer deals such as all-you-can-eat pasta night, lunch specials, etc.?
Do you have plans to add other sauces or pasta dishes to the menu?
And any other info on this topic is welcome. Thanks again for sharing your expertise.

Tracy Morin