Pasta and wraps

Two different questions.

Pre-cooked vs uncooked pasta. relative cost is noticeably different. we don’t use a cooktop of any kind, and I know we’d have to get a hotplate or something.

Which do you use? What portion? How do you serve it, in a foil pan or a china dish of some kind?


wraps. The idea comes to mind to offer a wrap in place of our normal hoagie roll. Hot sandwiches only. I guess I’m a bit concerned about the mess on the customer’s plate, but a large wrap should take care of that problem. Any thoughts? Do you do wraps? as an alternate or as a basic sandwich or both??

We offer wraps and subs. Every sub we have we offer as a wrap as well. About 20% of our sub sales are made as wraps. Our subs are 8" and our wraps use a 12" tortilla. The hot wraps bake for the same amount of time as a hot sub in the oven we have. After the oven we put the hot wrap in a microwave for 30 seconds to make sure it is baked all the way through the middle and to soften the wrap because baking it gives it a slightly crunchy texture.

We do not offer pasta on our menu.

thanks PotM. Microwaving is a good idea!

in my experience microwaves make breads and wraps dry out quickly…it seems to soften for the short term but they dry out very quickly. if you wanna use a microwave I would wrap the tortilla in a damp cloth so it steams more that nukes them.

we do lots of pastas here and they have an excellent profit margin… but without a stove top im not sure how to tackle that…we do all our sauces fresh made. we do use dry pasta, we cook it till its almost done then refrigerate it when an order comes in we finish it in a pot of water.

We sell both wraps and a significant amount of pasta since our main thing are pizza cheese steaks.
We pre cook the pasta for the day and keep the marinara sauce in a small portable steam table to be warm all day. We do not have any stove but we serve all our pastas in 10" aluminum pans that pas them through the pizza oven. We do have a single burner to keep hot water in order to warm each order of pastas. We only offer one type sauce although but a great selection that varies from spaghetti, rigatoni, ravioli stuff shells and lasagna
Our marinara sauce is homemade. That would make the pasta choice in your menu as a best seller