Pasta dishes for delivery

I am interested in adding some pastas to our menu and was wondering if you had any ideas. We are a delivery/carry-out operation and have enough space to add an oven where we could cook our own pastas. What do you think will handle best for delivery?

We use 5x7 foil type containers with the crimp on lid. They work best as there is no leakage during delivery and retain the heat best. For the garlic bread we use a sperate foil pouch (pennies each). Then all in a brown paper bag (another insulator) and keeps containers in place compared to plastic T-Shirt bags. Make sure when you load up the brown paper bag to put that bag in a T-shirt bag for easier transport.

We currently use the same containers but are considering switching to the black plastic ones for a more upper scale look.

Currently we package the pasta the same as above but we also then put the paper bag into a “t-shirt” bag, because at least in our experience, they sometimes leak. Once the bag gets wet the pasta breaks through and well you know . . .

Do you use pre-cooked pasta for your deliveries or cook it yourself?

we cook it ourself and make all our sauces from scratch

we do angel hair…lasagna…ravioli…spaghetti …mannacotti …fettucini and spaghetti…all travel well

Do you know if pastas like ziti and rigatoni hold up under delivery?