Pasta-Focused Delco?

Does anyone know of a delivery/carry-out pasta place that is surviving or thriving in their market (or anywhere for that matter)? I’m not talking about a pizza place that also sells pasta - I’m interested in finding a store with a focus on delivering pasta.

I know of places that only do sandwiches or wings or even calzones, but I can’t find a chain that’s doing a pasta delco. I don’t even know of any independent shops for that matter. Why? Is there something about pasta that doesn’t “click” for delivery?

What am I not seeing? What is wrong/what doesn’t work with such a concept?

I just googled Pasta Express and came across an operation in the US under this name that delivers pasta. Check their website


I’ve wondered why a pasta place can’t seem to crack that market myself. Around us all the “Pasta Factory” type places have folded up even though they were located on the proper side of the street for the home commute.

Wow, they’ve got some low prices - they may be cheaper than Fazoli’s on some things. Good find - thank you. They have a dining room though, so I wonder how much of their triple-threat is delivery.

What I’m really wanting to find is a place that only does delivery (and carry-out). I’ve found some “Pasta Stop” places on Urban Spoon, but I can’t find a menu or real website so I’m not sure what all they do.

As no one is pointing out such a concept near them, I’m guessing this is uncharted territory? I’m just worried it may be “Cape of Storms” type waters…

I remember a place in Knoxville (after the Fair) that did a pizza del/only thing…the g/f loved 'em…had one order…was ok…they kept the pasta in a baggie & the sauce in a sytro w/lid…salad on the side…

They closed up (test unit?) & were going to Atlanta & roll out concept…

Can’t say I’ve heard of them since…

We offer pasta, just don’t move much @ all - not sure why…

I came across this place: They have a bunch of locations in California.

It looks like their main thing is pasta delivery (although they also serve pizza). Their menu lists some specials they run for family portions of pasta and they offer customer the chance to build their own pasta dish by choosing a pasta, sauce and toppings (although I can’t see where they list the options anywhere on the menu).

So, I guess it works in California…

Anyhow, I was looking at the student online-ordering site serving our campus and “pasta” isn’t even listed as a category by which you can search for restaurants. A few of the pizza places offer it, but almost as an afterthought. It’s like pasta doesn’t even register in people’s minds when thinking about delivery.

Doesn’t look promising.

I’ve never seen a location without a good amount of seating and every location I’ve seen also occupies a spot in some kind of food court. I know they “can” deliver, but unless they’ve changed, its not like they have drivers running deliveries all day like a pizza place. My “impression” is delivery is really to support their catering business – not $15 minimums like pizza places.

I think we’ve figured out why this doesn’t fly.

You don’t eat pasta with your hands.

Most of the other concepts that are a force in delivery circles - pizza, sandwiches and even wings - are able to be eaten with your hands. You can sit down on the couch, turn on a game, and stuff your face without having to pay much attention to what you are doing. Pasta needs a dish and at least a fork, you almost have to sit at a table to eat it comfortably.

That’s it, isn’t it?

Sorry can’t agree on this one.

What about take way Chinese food ? Food in a container that needs a fork/spoon/chopsticks - heaps sold everywhere, everyday.

Pasta - food in a container only needing a fork or spoon.

We sell heaps of pasta in plastic take away containers and many are eaten straight out of them, not transferred to bowls or dishes, plus we deliver.

Maybe you are a bit too upmarket than us, only knowing what it is to eat pasta in a fine dining Italian restaurant :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: