pasta help please

I have an electric steam table and want to put pasta on it. I have tried and the heat dried out the pasta on the bottom and stuck it to the pan. I put water in the pan and then put another 2 inch pan on top with pasta. What do any of you do to put pasta on a buffet Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kel

I have steamtables u have to keep adding water

If you are not putting a little water in the 2" pan with your pasta itself, then that might be your ticket. Undercook just barely and put a little water in with the noddles . . . and check it periodically to keep it moist. You might also use a perforated false bottom in the pasta pan.

Use Plenty of sauce.

what type of pasta dish?

just spaghetti

check p.m.

Billy, PM me too! We took pasta off our buffet after having some issues with it. Adding the sauce to the pasta was a big help, but it didn’t solve it 100%.