Pasta on Your Menu?

I’m finishing up an article on Pasta for our July issue and would like feedback from anyone currently offering pasta on their menu. Please remember to include your full name, pizzeria name, website and location in your response for proper credit.

Please answer as many questions as possible and email me at; I’ll need all responses by the end of the day Friday, May 8.

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
PMQ Pizza Magazine

  1. When did you start offering pasta and why?
  2. What percentage of your sales comes from pasta sales?
  3. What advice do you have for those thinking of adding pasta to their menu?
  4. What is your top selling pasta dish?
  5. What are the pros/cons of selling pasta in a pizzeria?
  6. How do you market/advertise your pasta offerings?

pren vatici village pizza & pasta
113 danbury rd
ridgefield ct 06877

  1. we have been offering pasta since the day we opened
    2.about 40% of our sales account for pasta sales somestimes higher sometimes lower
    3.dont ever sell anything you would not eat yourself
    4.our most and best dish is penne alla vodka
    next in line is Spaghetti Napoletano
    followed by Penne alla Arrabiatto
    5.i dont see any cons in it more pros your offering you customers more choices as well as increasing your business
    6.honestly its most word of mouth

:smiley: Pizzeria Napoletana
7187 SW 8 Calle
Miami, FL 33144
1.We also have been with the pasta entrees since open day.
2. 45%
3.Star with your prefered and Allways Listen your customers.
4. Fettuccini Chicken Alfredo.
5. No cons, All Pros and Keep Customers and Workers dining In
6. Flyers, Facebook, Newspaper, The customer Receipt :smiley: