Pasta Prep (?)

what the best way to prep spaghetti and ziti noodles? is it best to cook a batch at opening and then toss it at the end of business day or is there a way to store it? for how long?

some info from previous threads (used SEARCH up above): … ight=pasta … ight=pasta … ight=pasta

I do hope these are helpful

thanks, but how long does pasta keep frozen? for the cost of noodles is it worth taking the time to portion and bag/store pasta into individual servings?

  1. I keep mine just fine up to a couple weeks. Not a vast mover yet.

  2. Questions you have to answer for your operation. I perosnally think portioning foods is almost always worth the time so that it is ready for rushes and no variation in costs/portioning.

I just made and portioned pasta today. The problem is that we sell alot, but just not enought to rationalize keeping the water boiling all day.

It works great if you take the pasta and put in a bowl of boiling water in the microwave…it comes out great…sauce and cheese it…place in the oven to melt the cheese and BAM!

I understand being consistent, but still seems like a lot of work for noodles considering the mark up.

When I started I worked in a dine in and we made a pot a day, but we went through it really quick. To portion we just used a certian sized hand strainer.

My last carry out they weren’t fast movers and they would sometimes sit too long and turn to mush. I never thought to freeze them, but in order for that to work you have to portion them out, right?

YUP…I cook…I drain and cool per food code…portion in tin pan…and dump into plastic portioning bags…tie knot…place on tray in freezer.

That easy.

I can cook 10 lbs dry pasta (par cook, really), shock, strain. Then it takes about 20 minutes with a scale to portion into three sizes: child, standard and “hearty”. Freeze and box for later refreshing.