pasta search - bucatini or perciatelli

I am hunting a source for one of these two pasta shapes (that are virtually identical except for the name): bucatini or perciatelli. It is a long, thickish spaghetti with a tiny hole through it. It’s a long tube. Some trendy restaurants used to use them for straws, even.

I want to try it out for a baked pasta dish, and a couple other applications. In the meantime, I need to find a wholesale source of some sort. USFoods and Roma near me do not carry such, and the internet search yields few brands that manufacture or import it: DaVinci and DeCecco are two larger shops. I am talking about buying maybe 40# at a time, and want to avoid retail pricing of at all possible.

Anyone got an interesting pointer for this really odd request?

Alrighty. No one has the bucatini. Anyone source actual pastitsio #2 macaroni? brands I know are Misko, Hlios, and Melissa. Anyone? It is a 10" long pasta drinking straw to look at it.

Looks like these folks distribute their products though food service brokers…

Sorry old buddy, but nobody loves you anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


try Barilla they make it.

any half way decent Italian food distributor should carry it. Its pasta for crap sake.
I can buy it in any grocery store in my neighborhood.

Thanks, porky. I can find bucatini in local grocery stores, but want to find it wholesale. The site Royce gave has promise . . . . I also found a potentially more affordable source online for the pastitsio #2 macaroni. Random luck.

Wish I knew Greek wholesalers in Atlanta :frowning:

sysco sells it in 20# bulk

Often times I can buy stuff at our local grocer for less than the “cash and carry”…Now our local grocer does a lot of importing so maybe they have cut the distributor out of the loop and pass the savings on…

also nick, most grocers run specials on Barilla, 10 box for 10 bucks.
1.00 a pound. Do you think your going go through that much Buccatini anyway?

1 lb or 50 lb . . . 2.89 a pound is too much. I’ll check sysco and see if anyone I kow will order me a case of it. I don’t do Sysco in our county. The truck no-show ratio was too high.

I’ll keep an eye on the Barilla sales once we find a store nearby that carries the bucatelli.

Rustichella d’Abruzzo makes it and you can buy it at Whole Foods, or order it through Amazon.

Thanks, guys.

I ended up sourcing and buying “pastitsio #2” pasta from a Greek grocery importer/seller. I so love the willingness tooffer ideas and sources of food. You guys rule!