Hiya all!! Yup, im still kicking!
Anyway for my question… I have kinda tried to do this once before, and bailed on it, not enough interest but getting alot of requests now that pizza hut has started pasta…
How do you store cooked pasta and reheat? What i am thinking is el dante on the pasta, strain and put on sheet pan to cool, then put in bin to store. Should I pre portion the pasta? How well does it reheat in a conveyor?

Any production tips would MUCH APPRECIATED!!

I hope all are well :slight_smile:

We cook to Al Dente, then strain, spread out on a sheet pan to cool. After it has cooled we portion it out into little prep baggies. We have a pasta dunk that we dump in to warm up the pasta while we are cooking the sauce in a pan, then we combine, toss, and garnish. I am not sure about not using a dunk, and putting in the conveyor instead? Maybe in the morning I will try and let you know?!

Thanx muchly! I am thinking it is time to try doing the pasta thing. Thank you for post and thanx for private messages guys! Hope all is well with everyone :slight_smile: